Daphne Scans Film At Home

You know how some things you’ve thought of doing before but never actually went round doing it because you just assumed it wouldn’t work? Like this scanning film with your ordinary flatbed scanner thing. I was talking to Jeremy the other day and when he gave me the link I went all “impossibruuu” and “huh…” and “this might work” and “omg I’m so doing this right now”. 

In the link they say use a cardboard adapter because it’ll act as a reflective object to reflect light through the negative, so I figured any reflective surface would do. I used kitchen tin foil from anonymous hair dye sessions:

Bad idea. ^ Sure the foil textures are pretty, but they’re not helping my negatives.

So I just laid my negatives flat on the scanner and scanned:

After inverting the colours + B&W converting + curves darkening I got this!
click through pic for high res yes yes yes

It’s good use if you want to make contact prints, the highest dpi I could get to was 600dpi, average cropping down of a single frame is about 900-1000 pixels wide. You can’t get much of high high res details from there unlike a film scanner. You also can’t get colour pics, but if you’re looking for a good ol’ black and white with little scratches, do it! Plus if you have a scanner at home, so much more easier.

^ Hui Mei captured. People always look so stunned when I capture them on film hahaha.


^ flatbed scanner (with sprockets because why not)

Grandma & Papa

^ film scanner (I went through a long journey for this film scanner)

I’m just so crazzzyyy about that red light leak! Light leaks are always random no matter how intentional you want to make them, since I’ve been exposing this roll of film randomly when I was finishing up with it there’s a chance it will destroy the whole photo but ah sometimes it’s altogether so so so nice :)

PS: I post all things film on my flickr now.



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