A Trip for an FP

For Joce’s Friday Performance at ICOM. I walked a lot that day, because I like to cram all my going out times into one day: Mid Valley > college > The Click Shop @ Pav > college > Titiwangsa > ICOM. (I scanned my film!!! Ah! Can’t wait to post some sooooon!)

After all this time of owning a camera, of being known among friends as “Oh you mean Daphne? Oh she takes photographs.” believe it or not I am still not used to taking photos in a crowd that I’m unfamiliar with. That was probably why I don’t have any photos of the first two performers before Joce, for which I’m regretting now! There was a guy who had long crimpy hair who looked a bit like Jesus.

Joce covered RodGab’s Hanuman!

Comparing their colourful hair :) done proudly by yours truly!

Laine’s hair AMG isn’t it lovely

Healthy branchy trees on the walk back to the LRT station.



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