Laine’s Confetti Hair

First off, I really don’t know what this first picture editing thing is about… I didn’t know what I was thinking o_o bad graphic maker. Hopefully Laine doesn’t mind that I sort of split collage her face in half. This is the BEFORE picture of her undyed natural hair.

The most scary part to get over with in hair dyeing is the bleaching, for me. You just don’t know where to start, fumbling around. Laine being a half-blonde:

Then when the bleaching is over – fun! You get to put the colours in! Laine wanted something like Lauren Conrad’s dip dyed confetti hair which she told me last year while I was busy with my edexcel exams, I’ve been itching to do it since. I never really had any experience bleaching + dip dyeing the whole head so I was all CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Now her hair has 4 colours: pink, dark blue, blonde, and her natural hair colour (black). It turned out better than I had hoped for :D Heh.

Lastly here’s a picture of Joce doing the right thing.



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