Bukit Gasing & Exercise

Because God knows how I am IN NEED OF EXERCISE. Not even joking, I’m probably the most unhealthy person you know. Decided to go for “hiking” last Saturday at Bukit Gasing, and when I say hiking I actually mean short walk through the hills. There were elderly people there who did these morning walks everyday and had more stamina than me, shame on me.

Views from the watch tower which we had to climb a bloody billion steps to get to btw:

And then we came across this beautiful patch of magical light shining through the canopy. Or rather, we walked pass it then turned around to find this! So so so so magical. People were just walking past us while we stared at that spot, none of them thought to turn around and look what the fascination was about. Turn around! Take your time to take in your surroundings and notice the beautiful things around you :) An aunty was kind enough to shoo us over to the spot for a group photo!

Then there’s a lot of photos of the back of my brother’s head and his striking shade of a backpack plus shirt because he thinks he is Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild. (Nah, just a big fan).

^ See the tall tall sky reaching trees! Ahhhh

When I was in the forest taking photos most of it came out like D: D: D: too dark, too blurry, too shaky. For the hike I even thought to bring my AE-1! Big joke. Cameras… you don’t know whether to bring them or leave them. Bring them, they may prove a burden to you. Leave them, you will regret not capturing a particular moment. Occupational hazards.

However it really is a good wonderful nature-sy place to be in, if it weren’t so hot and so high up. My unfit muscles were doing anaerobic respiration, I swear. Potential good place for amazing photos, but the best place for photos always have the worst mosquitoes. Come prepared. My calves were so GAH I barely had enough memory space left to appreciate the view, much less plan out a shoot, but appreciate we did! I kinda wish it was cold so we could wear warm thick woolen clothing and climb… Hah.


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