Parellel chopsticks, iDimSum breakfast.

Bleach blonde locks of hair!

Aaaand result!

Hui Mei’s temple streak of violet, blonde, and fuchsia pink. ^

Yee Teng’s lock of dip dyed (also the same colours aka violet, blonde, pink) hair. ^

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually liking the pink! Colour! Here! Looks like a sweet or a treat b’cuz it’s so vibrant like food colouring. (Although both of my subjects were quite shocked at first and were moaning and groaning about pink hair, they both said they like it by the end of the day. Heh. Because it wasn’t supposed to be pink, we all expected red.) At least y’all know what it’s like to have pink hair, now isn’t that fun? I’m considering doing this to myself  in the way way future.

Enough of hair. You should know Hui Qing draws. (awesome tablet too.)

And this is Hui Qing giving you her BAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!!!1!1111 face when she thinks you won’t be fast enough to capture her expression with the camera  (and I quote her:  “Oh my god that 1111 is terrible! It’s like the person is so lazy to hold down the shift key longer and just let go at the right time to type a proper exclamation mark!”)



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