Mother’s Teacher

He was Penang’s Han Chiang high school’s disciplinary teacher, in the 1970s or so. Last year mum took us siblings to visit her high school teacher. He was the ultimatum of real chinese pureblood, you could hear it in the way he speaks – refined, formal, intelligible.

He kept a notebook in which he frequently writes chinese poetry.

He passed away last week, on the eve of Chinese New Year. Mum cut out a newspaper clipping of his memorial service from the newspapers, and when I saw it my first reaction was hey what? Then hey! Then hey. I felt… honour, joy, flattery! Not a single stingy itch in me like I always feel when suddenly some photos end up somewhere without my knowledge. Mum told me his family really loved that photo of him, I quote, “really captured him“, so they mass printed it out for the memorial service. I was just very honoured to know that I managed to snap a keepsake for the family… and said they have another one printed out to hang in their home. :’)


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Teacher

    1. I don’t think of it as a “published work” kind of thing, but more “aww they chose that photo for that!”
      He seemed like a very interesting person, the first and only time I met him :)


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