Ending 2011 with barbecue, pastries, food, cards & happy drinks.

This New Year’s Eve:

  • My mum’s tarts and pies are DELISH.
  • Barbecues are quite a waste of money.
  • No one ever feels like barbecueing when there is a barbecue, leading to the waste of money.
  • Band people like playing card games.
  • Smoke from charcoal barbecue and strong backlights make amazing photos! (So much fun that I googled how to make smoke bombs and turns out it’s quite easy but that’s a story for another time.)
  • I don’t have any New Year resolutions. Other than the screen monitor display resolution joke going around… no.
  • Low alcohol tolerance.
  • People spilling alcohol and using perfume to mask the odour resulting in feminine smells.
  • People sleeping earlier than expected.
  • People sleeping the latest with highest amount of alcohol drunk yet waking the earliest.
  • …metabolisms.
  • Companionable silences.
  • Guitars wandering from tune to tune on lazy afternoons.

Never too late to do a NYE’s blog post right? Right?



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