A scanned image of the old typewriter’s words. (Well, my words, typed with the typewriter.) We dug mum’s old typewriter from the storeroom today, dust coated and big black heavy box case. It. Is. BEAUTIFUL. An Olympia model, actually counted as a relatively “new” typewriter amongst the old typewriter. The keys are old, they stick together easily and you have to type hard to print the words. (So that’s where my mum’s habit of slamming on the laptop keys came from.) And when we discovered that the ribbon wasn’t altogether stick dry, joy! I thought the red is the result of faded black carbon but now I realize that there actually is typewriter ribbon ink in red…

The keys are noisier than my dog. Although it makes this delightful “ding!” when you reach the end of the sentence space :D after the exams I’m planning to haul it to my room and wake everyone up in the middle of the night by typing random lists. Typing on typewriters: typos can’t be helped. Spacing, different tabs of words etc, they end up jumbled if you’re not meticulously careful. Lyrical “bye bye he goes” was totally intentional on my part though, heh.


4 thoughts on “T.Y.P.E-writing

  1. I LOVE typewriters! I have one also, but it’s out of ink. Need to find where to purchase some. I want to write a book using a typewriter….just like the old days haha!

    1. Yeah imagine late nights and typewriting whenever you feel like it instead of using a laptop, instant words! But the noise… hopefully the neighbours are too deep asleep to wake.
      I think they still sell some ink ribbons online/ebay, just a little higher in price :)


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