My first official experience of street photography

Canon AE-1 program; 50mm; Fujifilm Superia 200

A few weeks ago I met up with Lee Young (finally, in the flesh!) who practically brought his whole bag of film equipment to Talk Film. And Talk Film we did. So now I’ll let the film do the talking, yeah?

His Nikon FA and Yashica Rangefinder.

A bit of street photography for the day:

After he left, I wandered around Petaling Street while waiting for my friends. There was this one guy sitting at a particularly shady corner having a smoke, he looked… (insert word here). You got to have guts for street photos, don’t be shy and just freaking SNAP that picture! So I lifted the AE-1 to eye level, hoping he wouldn’t glance my way or fork me the evil eye, or worse, come straight over to bash me up. Then I had to fiddle with the focus – it’s not like digital’s autofocus and snap – all the while panicking he would get up and storm away.

And surprises of surprises, as I watched through the viewfinder, that intimidating face turned to me and gave a slight smile! (Joce says he looks pissed but we’ll just brush by that, AHEM). I took the picture, gave the stranger a grateful smile, then walked away with a light feeling in my heart, finally realizing why some people love street photography. Suuuure some strangers will turn away or shout angrily at you, but there are some photographers who like that “photographing a stranger” thing, or “candid shots”, or “in their environment”, that sort. I mean, I got my first official taste of it, not bad, but it’s not something I’d be going crazy over anytime.


8 thoughts on “My first official experience of street photography

  1. I think it was a smile. Great photo series, especially that old man. o.o For some reason, that was really powerful. Are you able to post your photos of random strangers to sites like deviantart? If you can, I’d encourage you to put those two shots up. :)

    1. Heh thank you! Actually that old man was there for quite some time, I just felt fascinated and took a shot.
      Yeah, definitely, otherwise there wouldn’t be “street photography” ya? (at least that’s what I think…) Hahhah I’ll put it up soon, when I find the motivation :B


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