1st + 2nd roll of film on Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1 Program; 50mm; Kodak Ultramax 400

Wooh! First and second official roll of films done successfully! I use keywords such as “successful” and “official”, why? Here you go. 3 previous blog posts are sufficient to explain.

Back to the topic of FILM. WOOH! What magic is this? Why is film so THIS? The tones, the colours, the everything! Technically I still don’t quite know how the colours of a colour negative film work: why is the colour so different from digital? Does colour correcting happen whilst scanning film into the com that’s why it has this special vivid tone that is FILM? I don’t know. All in good time. For now I’m just enjoying the results of pretty scratchy dusty pictures. I wish I could hold them in my hands though, like how we used to print photos 10 years ago.

^ handpicked from 72 shots. Hah. I was really desperately finding things around me to shoot.

I still have 2 more rolls of film to pick from :D excitement excitement!


11 thoughts on “1st + 2nd roll of film on Canon AE-1

  1. Hi Daphne! Came across your blog when I was looking for pictures taken by Canon AE-1. Amazing! Planning to go into film photography after years of digital and working with photoshop (it’s my job). Yours are just inspiring :)


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