Langkawi’s beachy beaches

Song: I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Stop motions make me laugh and smile foolishly at the computer screen. Woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise but it was gone. Original plans to build a sandcastle > snowman > sandman > mountain top > volcano. Retarded jump shots. Kayak-ing in the rain. Clear blue green sea. And time spent with family.

Family feet, directed by the youngest in our family :)

What chlorine and beach sun does to bleached and dyed hair. It fades! To a sickly puke green. :>

View of what one sees when one is sunbathing-but-not.

Daphne likes the sun but doesn’t like being tanned. It’s all warm and snugly and WARM and NICE. Put my phone on loudspeaker with Lost Tree playing and fell asleep for almost an hour.

Took almost 3,000 photos for this trip (stop motion, I blame you) and the photos in the video above aren’t even half of them. And okay, we have really nice blue skies in Malaysia too! We bought chocolate and I still think we didn’t buy enough. I got to spend time with my family, albeit it wasn’t JUST a Family Only trip, but I had a great family time. Also people, I stand strong to the fact that when you’re on holiday, relax! Don’t rush here and there for shopping 24/7, lie down, rest, and enjoy your hotel’s facilities, yes? And take lots of pictures.



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