Brilliant (brown paper) ideas come late at night.

I think the brown envelopes are a nice touch! Both somewhat similar, with variations in design. Sudden idea at 2 in the morning leads to excitedness > crafting > satisfaction > can’t-wait-for-their-reactions.

You know which gift goes to who. I was going to make this bloody miniature size tardis for Jocelyn but (gahhh the woodwork what measurements whattt). Also the back and front has no relation whatsoever. (Or at least I think so).
Vail sugar skull for Zi Qian because I was going on a frenzy a while back and thought that the petals and colours especially this combination really really looks like her. Not her face, but her… Her.

I just had to take a photo with these lovelies :) Both loved both… Now back to filtering and choosing photos for the night.

**I feel really bad because my present giving consistencies are uneven. To different people and different times. Sometimes I just have the idea and I GO CRAZY with it, sometimes I lack everything and blank. Not good consistency.



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